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Albert Einstein

According to  unbelievable-facts by Aswathy Gopinath, World Idea introduces this character

The earth is a terribly old place, and through its many ages, several men have come, and several gone. There have been some, however, who left a rather indelible mark on the planet, leaving it a considerably better place than they found it. Men who changed the world – the greats, the men of mettle – have caught our fancy and our imaginations like none else

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Scientist, Nobel laureate, and amateur violinist. This is the same man who gave the world the famous theory of relativity and revolutionized all of physics in the process. In 1921, he was awarded a Nobel Prize for his explanation of the photoelectric effect. Possessing a genius that knew no bounds, Einstein published multiple papers and theories on matter and energy spanning across topics ranging from the capillary forces of a straw to exploring Brownian motion.

Einstein made some pretty great contributions to the world, among them the theory of lasers, which makes possible the use of CDs and similar devices, and have tremendous usage in medical and industrial fields. His theories of relativity also enable usage of the GPS system. Moreover, other theories he explained practically make use of in most electronic gadgets that we use; furthermore, nuclear weapons and warfare and their development have its basis in Einstein’s theories.


Check out these facts about Einstein:

1. Einstein’s most remarkable breakthroughs are a result of visual experiments he performed in his head, rather than practically applying them in the lab! He was, indeed, a man who thought in pictures than in words.

2. Albert Einstein was a self-proclaimed agnostic, and not, as is the common belief, an atheist.

3. Einstein, being a slow learner as a child, spoke very slowly.

4. In 1952, Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel. He declined.

5. The parietal lobe of Albert Einstein’s brain was 15% larger than that of the average human brain.

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