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According to i4u, World Idea introduces this article

Google cars will use electronic screens on the sides to tell pedestrians if it’s safe to cross. Google’s self-driving cars have their doors currently decorated with art work. The artwork is a sign of a very important function by the Google cars. On Tuesday Google filed a patent.

Image: time

The patent details how a self-driving vehicle would determine if pedestrians can cross a street. The patent explains how the Google cars will notify the pedestrians of its intent. Technically the patent explains how Google cars will communicate with the pedestrians on the streets.

Since the autonomous cars are driven by computer they cannot talk or give hand and eye gesture to pedestrians. The new patent shows how Google cars will tell pedestrians the vehicle is waiting for them.

Image: theverge

According to the patent Google will use electronic screens to talk with pedestrians. The screens are mounted on the side of the vehicle. The screens could also be mounted on the roof, hood and rear of the vehicle.

The screens will tell pedestrians if it was safe to cross. The screens may display signs e.g. stop or a simple text. The Google car would wither stop or slow down until the pedestrian can cross.

Image: entrepreneur

The patent also suggests the Google cars may use speakers. The speaker would give out alerts to pedestrians. Even more impressive is the use of a robotic hand or eye to give out gestures. The gestures will make the pedestrians aware the car can see them.

The patent did not include any sketches of the robotics but did illustrate the monitors. Previously Google received a patent for unlocking the self-driving cars. The patent could lead to Google launching its own taxi fleet.


World Idea is still collecting more information from many sources and it is our pleasure listening to everybody’s comments to have a full evaluation on the world idea: ‘GOOGLE PATENT SHOWS HOW ITS SELF-DRIVING CARS WILL TALK TO PEDESTRIANS’.


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